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    Returns and exchanges


    In the rare instance where there may be something wrong with your order, you can return or exchange your item when:

    A.   There is a basic, serious manufacturing fault that has been identified within a reasonable time period after receiving the item (e.g a fault with buckle, strap, shell, liner etc) - This is a warranty claim for which an exchange or refund is available and we cover return freight through reimbursement. Our Warranty is 1 year from purchase date and faults should be reported within 10 days of receiving your order. 

    We do not cover wear and tear issues which may arise through use or misuse. 

    B.   It does not do the job you purchased it for (e.g a food processor that does not mix!) An exchange or refund is available  and we cover return freight through reimbursement.

    C.   It does not match the example viewed by you on this site (e.g the wrong model was dispatched to you). An exchange or refund is available  and we cover return freight through reimbursement.

    We may sell out of some styles, sizes and colours and exchanges and requests for certain alternatives is subject to availability. If we cannot provide the exchange desired and your request is covered by points A, B or C above, we will issue a refund promptly. 

    For 'change of mind', wrong size selection or alternative preference requests, we try to help wherever we can and you may exchange for another item in stock however return freight is not covered by us.

    Please ensure your full name, address and phone numbers(s) are included so we can arrange shipping of replacement items or your refund if applicable.

    If you purchased from an Australian retailer, you must contact that store to organise an exchange/return with them.

    When purchasing outside Australia

    We are unable to provide exchanges for overseas purchases. If you have purchased from a store overseas, please contact that store to organise your exchange/return.