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    Q: If I purchase from this site, what are your shipping charges?

    A: We currently offer Australia-wide flat rate shipping and the Asia Pacific. ll prices are shown in Australian dollars.

    Flat Rate Australia-wide (inc GST) Reflective Pins 0.00 - 0.3kg $1.80
    eParcel Tracked Australia-wide (inc GST) Up to 500gms (Small Bags) 0.3 - 0.5 kg $11.10
    eParcel Tracked Australia-wide (inc GST) Up to 3kg (Medium Bags) 0.5 - 3 kg $16.80
    eParcel Tracked Australia-wide (inc GST) Up to 5kg (Large Bags) 3 - 5 kg $20.50


    Asia Pacific/Oceania/New Zealand [Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Oceania]
    International Post - Up to 500gm (Small Bags) 0 - 0.4 kg $16.80
    International Post - Up to 1 kg (Medium Bags) 0.4 - 1 kg $24.50
    International Post - Up to 3 kg (Large Bags) 1 - 3 kg



    Transit times for international deliveries can be estimated at the Australia Post website. Unfortunately standard economy services are not trackable by Australia Post.

    From time to time, sale products have special free shipping applied and this will be shown at Check Out if it applies to your item.

    Po Campo Bags are also available from a number of Dealer stores.

    Q: Do you have any vegan products?

    A: Yes. All current Po Campo Bags are leather-free.

    Q: Which of your bags fit laptops?

    A: Our Irving Convertible Backpack, Bergen Pannier, and Bike Share Bag from our Bike & Work range all fit laptops 13" in size. Our Bike Share and Bergen accommodates a 15".

    Q: Which of your bags fits an iPad or Tablet?

    A: Our Uptown Trunk from the Bike & Work range is the perfect size for an iPad or Tablet.

    Q: Which of your products fits a spare pair of shoes?

    A: Depends how big your feet are! Our Midway Weekender from the Travel range has a separate compartment for shoes or wet items. And the Bergen Pannier from our  Bike & Work range is deep enough to fit some shoes.

    Q: My bag got grease/dirt/mud/coffee/sauce/ink on it – how should I clean it?
    A: No worries, we designed our bags to be able to take some abuse! Just apply a dab of dish soap onto the stain and gently rub it with a damp towel or old toothbrush. All of our fabrics are non-absorbent so with a little diligence, it should come clean.

    Q: The Po Campo bag I received from your site isn’t what I was expecting. Can I return it?
    A: Woopsy! Yes, of course you can return it. Just email us to let us know and send it back as-new and un-used. We'll send out your correct item right away. Download the returns form at our Returns & Exchanges page. If you purchased from one of our dealer stores, please contact them for direct assistance.

    Q: Help - my bag broke! What is your warranty and/or repair policy?
    A: We take great care to produce quality products that stand the test of time, occasionally something will go awry. Po Campo guarantees its products for 1 year from date of purchase and will replace or repair a product that has a manufacturing defect during that time.  We will evaluate any product failure individually to see if it is beyond normal wear and tear and get a functioning Po Campo bag back in your life again. For All Warranty Claims and Returns/Exchanges visit this page:

    Please note: On Sale Bags are Final Sale. We will happily honour any warranty matters with replacements or exchange within the warranty period. 

    Q: Where do you manufacture your products?

    A: Po Campo is designed in the USA and produces in both Chicago and Asia and work with the same company in both locations. The arrangement allows us to leverage the inherent benefits of both facilities. In Chicago, we have interaction and agility because we can develop new products in a collaborative hands-on process and are able to produce a small amount relatively quickly. In Asia, we have technology and capacity because its highly developed infrastructure lets us develop new fabrics and hardware, and streamline production. We’re very fortunate that we have the best of both worlds – face-to-face contact with our manufacturer and the ability to produce technically superior bags at attainable prices.

    Q: How are your goods made?

    A: We work with a manufacturing partner who has produced high quality travel bags for over 30 years. Our bags are sewn in south eastern China at a ISO-9001 certified factory, meaning that it has passed a rigorous assessment of its buildings, workspaces, functions, products and services. Our partner’s highly developed infrastructure lets us develop new fabrics and hardware, and streamline production. We also stand behind the quality of our products with a lifetime guarantee against manufactured defects.


    Q: Where does the name “Po Campo” come from?

    A: Po Campo is a minor character in Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove, one of Maria’s favorite books. She was drawn to the character because of his adventurous spirit, self-reliance and confidence to do things his own way while maintaining a child-like curiosity with the wonders of the everyday. Plus, it’s fun to say!